Making a grandmother’s day

Life is too short. In this episode, I share a trip with my Granny and remind myself that it is never too late. And that’s why I’m starting this today. Because… why not? It is never too late. Regarding a podcast, several people have told me “just do it” and “you’re the only thing in your way”. They are so right. It’s only a few minutes long, but that’s okay, you got to start somewhere.

Thank you for taking a chance on this podcast. The production quality is iffy. The theme music is a bit funny, but it’s here and it’s happening. That is all that matters. The rest will come with time and practice.If you are seeing this, you are a dear friend… or my mother. Either way, thanks.

Special thanks to Ryan Aldrich, Ryan Krupa, and Steve Chapron. Friends who provide kind reminders that I haven’t hit the publish button.

Oh, yeah, I promised a time-lapsed video from Mount Rushmore.

I bothered to bring my tripod with us and I was happy I did. Here is a glimpse of what we experienced.

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