Methdology vs. ideology.

I was reviewing my “about me” page and my professional profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) and I noticed a word I frequently use: methodology. It’s something I focus on, in contrast to focusing on so-called “best practices”. Something in the news caught my attention though. In politics, we often hear of a person’s ideology in the context of how or why someone voted or leans a certain way. I began to wonder if their ideology is my methodology? What is the difference between these two concepts? Are they related in some way?

Could it be said that ideology drives decision making in a single direction, while methodology drives us to make a decision based on inputs?

Ideology creates a static outcome. “I believe in x…” and “x” is what you shall have. Methodology creates a dynamic path to your outcome.

Does it stand to reason that ideology drives methodology?

If so, what’s your ideology?

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